Sunday, March 09, 2003

Gallery: IDR 3
Gallery: Iraq truck preparations 2 - click on this to open
Gallery: Iraq truck preparations
Still in Kuwait - waiting now to get deployed with the army (maybe marines?) that we're going to be travelling with. There are hundreds of media people here in Kuwait city right now. The dude in the hotel room next to mine is from the L.A. Times. We have been doing as much last-minute preparation as possible, myself and my boss Richard. We have everything working as it should, and the antenna is performing pretty well, considering it's way outside what it was originally designed to do. We worked with the manufacturer and have things mostly sorted out. It's still going to require some attentive driving to make it work well, but we have done lots of testing and I'm confident that it will do the job. Not much else going on here now, Richard just left this evening, so now it's just me and the truck here. I found out the driver is going to be this guy named Bob from NBC. He seems pretty cool so far, I suppose we'll see after we're essentially living in a truck together for a month or more... Still haven't had a chance to upload the pictures. I may get to tonight, but I'm never sure.