Saturday, April 19, 2003

I just upgraded to blogger pro and now I can upload pictures directly into my blog. Not sure how useful it's going to be, but what the heck... Here's a picture of some M1 Abrams tanks.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Another quick post. We saw a line of M1 tanks on our way to get breakfast this morning - prepackaged "Breakfast, shelf stable"; basically a box of cerial, some UHT milk, a fruit cup and granola bar. I got a couple of good pictures of the tanks, and after breakfast I went out back to the banks of the Tigris river and took a few pictures. Watch out, the panoramic one is a real monster again, even though I reduced the size. The cafe'teria is the best thing we've found so far in these houses. Thank god I brought my expresso maker and a good supply of Bustelo....


I also made the news - put a link to this blog on their page. Nice. I wish they would have made their link to my main page, but it's a review of weblogs, so what the heck.... Here it is

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Moved again, this time just across the street a bit. We're now "unofficially" guests of the palace. I took some pictures of the new mosque that was being built before we left. We also went and checked out 3 lions that are in the palace. They are currently being cared for by some special forces guys, as the sign indicates. The SF guys found another private zoo full of lion food, so at least the lions will eat well... I also took some pictures around our new location - can you find the satellite truck?