Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Another quick post. We saw a line of M1 tanks on our way to get breakfast this morning - prepackaged "Breakfast, shelf stable"; basically a box of cerial, some UHT milk, a fruit cup and granola bar. I got a couple of good pictures of the tanks, and after breakfast I went out back to the banks of the Tigris river and took a few pictures. Watch out, the panoramic one is a real monster again, even though I reduced the size. The cafe'teria is the best thing we've found so far in these houses. Thank god I brought my expresso maker and a good supply of Bustelo....


I also made the news - put a link to this blog on their page. Nice. I wish they would have made their link to my main page, but it's a review of weblogs, so what the heck.... Here it is