Thursday, April 10, 2003

Well, we finally made it into Baghdad today. We saw a lot of people looting on the way up here, and waving to us as we drove past. We also drove through the scene of the firefight that Craig was in and filmed. The entire area was a total mess - burned vehicles, including even an M1 tank, littered about a 1/8 mile square. It was certainly a nasty mess. I didn't get any pictures of that because I was driving at the time. I did manage to get the camera out a bit later and take some pictures while I was driving - Bob was running a video camera at the time, so he couldn't take still photos either. The photos with the statues and the mural are at the Baath party museum, right next to their headquarters. The big building with the arched gate is one of the palaces. We hope to get into the palace tomorrow sometime for a tour.