Monday, March 17, 2003

If you're on my e-mail list to let people know I'm still alive, this is a re-run... If you want to be on the list and aren't, drop me an email.

Everything is still okay here. I know it has been a few days since I emailed or put anything on my website, but I really haven't had much opportunity to use the computer. Since the president's speech last night, it looks like we are on a very short time line before this happens. I can't give any information about what's going on, but I'm going to be off of the computer for the next few days, then hopefully we will get settled in and I'll be back up soon. Since I got out here to the desert, it's been a pretty rough time because the antenna was getting beaten up pretty badly by the rough ride of the truck. We (myself, Bob from NBC, and a lot of troops) worked for a couple of days straight trying to both soften up the ride of the truck and firm up the antenna so it could survive. We believe that we are at a "happy medium" point as of right now, but Bob and I are both planning on driving like we had a truckload of loose eggs just to be safe. We did the Today show from here this weekend, and have done several live shots, including one right before the president's speech, so I think the NBC folks are satisfied with the results so far. I suppose we truly won't know until the "show" actually starts how well it's going to work out, but at this point I think we are ready for whatever happens.

I will do my best to check in with at least the M&C room during the next few days. Any chance I have available, I will be checking my email at both and and if I am on the computer, I will be connected both at on MSN messenger and MTNJKooser on AOL instant messenger.